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    ummmm Mark?!?

    we need a password to look at the files?

    us want to see :D

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    Hi Mark

    Cracker set of photos, well worth a look


  3. As promised went back down today and shot some more. For the guys with dial up it might be a little slow as I went slightly nuts. Of the two I went aboard the Brig Niagra was actually more impresive than the Bounty. The Niagra was built as a replica with an eye for modern navigation as it has an auxilary diesel. The Bounty was built for the 1962 (?) film with Trevor Howard, Marlon Brando and Richard Harris. Has to have at least 7ft of head room below decks. The Niagra is a little cramped at 5ft. The Windy II is a metal hull excursion motor sailer out of Chicago. She was just coming in from a tour run when I came up from below decks on the Bounty. Tomorrow there is a Trapper's Roundevous on the island on the other side of the harbor.

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