0 gauge garden railway in uk

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    BARRY CONLEY New Member

    hi very new to site learn my way around.anyone use 0 gauge garden railway?
  2. nkp174

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    That's a British sort of thing.

    There's also a distinction between 3-rail (commonly called O-gauge which traditionally was for toys/reliving the dreams of childhood) and 2-rail or "scale" which looks a bit more like normal track...and is definitely model railroading stuff. That being said, 3-rail stuff is used for modeling as well...as some of the stuff definitely rivals the best HO models.

    The British layouts I've seen outdoors were 2-rail. They also have more options for Live Steam...butane fired steam locomotives in HO and O scale.
  3. chooch.42

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    Hello, Barry ! Welcome to "The Gauge" ! Don't know where you're located, but "O" scale outdoors seems rare in the U.S. probably due to weather and durability issues - we get some nasty months in most of the country that would limit Garden-O to a seasonal hobby. Lots of "G-gauge" garden stuff - have even seen photos of working snow plows! Whatever your interest, I'm sure someone here has tried or been interested in it, and the skill and experience of these folks is priced right (FREE), and only a mouse click away. Pleased to have you with us ! Bob C.
  4. hmas

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    there is a very large 0 following in the uk, the 0 gauge guild I can't remember the web site now its too early in the morning about 2am!
    Google for the 0 gauge guild & see what comes up & its 0 zero not o the letter.

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