0-4-0T Junker to Logger

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  1. C&O Fan

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    Hello All,

    While comming back from my parent's house in May, I stopped at an antique store outside of Beckly, WV. The store is actually the old coal company store of Cranberry, WV. While looking, I asked the owner if he had any model trains, and he showed me to the store basement. There in one of the basement rooms, were different toys that lined shelves that held canned goods back in the day. Within the toys were a variety of HO scale locomotives and rolling stock. He offered to sell the whole lot, including some tinplate, for $60, but I didn't have the money at the time:cry: . However, I managed to rescue from the dark basement a Mantua metal flatcar, another Varney hopper, an Athearn tank car, gondala, hoppers, a Tyco 0-6-0 (cheap one), and a 0-4-0T. I believe it is also a Mantua with a plastic shell. I plan to replace the molded on details, and make it a logging engine.

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  2. shaygetz

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    I have one of those little boogers, runs really well. too...keep us posted:thumb:
  3. C&O Fan

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    At this point, I have removed the smokestack, smokebox front, molded on air compressor, and working on other details. I also stripped part of the old paint. I decided to use a left over Rally-Hunter stack from a MDC Shay and made a new smokebox front from sheet styrene and modified precision scale front. The new compressor will be from Keystone, bell from Cal Scale, and generator also extra from a MDC Shay. I got everything dry-fitted in place for a picture.

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  4. MilesWestern

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    Great work, That stack really adds to the logging feeling, as well as the smokebox, very backwoodsy! :thumb:

    I was going to do one of these conversions, but abandoned the project after realizing I had no detail parts! sign1 :rolleyes: Oh well....

    You can look at what I tried to do here:

  5. C&O Fan

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    Thanks Miles. What kind of detail parts did you need? I got a little bit farther today. I got the rest of the molded-on details sanded off and replaced the sand lines with 30 GA wire. Also I an scratchbuilding an air tank which is also in the picture. On the fual bunker, I cut away the center post on the back of the cab containing the old light. I then covered the top of the bunker with Tamiya Putty and sanded away all the detail from the back. I will later add coal to the bunker.

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  6. MilesWestern

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    I need: Bells a whistle, most of all a headlight, and the compressor pumps too. Thanks if you can furnish them for me, I will pay for them if you wish too!
    Thanks, ad it looks splendid!
  7. Ray Marinaccio

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    Looking good Steve.
    I bought one of those new years ago, mine is a Model Power.
    I think they were sold under a few other names also.
    I have a couple of the old Mantuas also.
  8. jim currie

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    Miles try a place called Yardbird classic trains on line they have a line of white metal detial parts at a nice price.shipping is also good .

    Steve nice looking bash there. :)

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