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  1. ntguardian

    ntguardian New Member

    Hi. My first model ever built was from Digital Navy, the mine sweeper. Yeah, it was horrible. It was lopsided, I didn't know I needed the ribbing,and I made it of regular printer paper:cry:. Eventually was crushed.

    Next attempt was the Dreadnaught. Never finished it.

    I eventually gave up, but purely out of nowhere, I uncovered the Ninjatoes paper models, without even trying. Had such a blast making the Advance Wars models, I got back into paper modelling.

    Now I am avidly making models, and I get better with each one. So far they've all been free, but now I may buy some.

  2. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    Welcome! :wave:

    I know what mean when you say "uncovered". I accidently tripped over paper modeling from a link on digg.com. I've been hooked ever since...and it's not an addiction that I can see giving up for a very long time...or ever.
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