Warhammer 40K Thunderbolt 2014-02-25

Warhammer 40K Thunderbolt

  1. leigh103
    Here is the Warhammer 40K Thunderbolt

    Designed by leigh103

    Hi, I've posted a download link for my model on the 40k Thunderbolt thread - so I thought I'd post it here as well.

    I've decided to host it myself, as any changes will be easier to upload. 100% Virus/Spyware clean - it's my own personal web server - so there'll be no messing about!

    Let me know if anyone does any changes - I'm happy for anyone to mod/texture it, without my permission - and I'd be happy to host other versions.

    Pics are of the card model, designed to be made from thick card (I used 245gsm), and then painted like a normal model. It is quite detailed, but very sturdy. All the sections are closed, making a box - and then the pieces fitted together. Makes it very simple to build, but does benefit from scored folds.

    Included in the download are basic instructions, the sketchup 3d model I designed, the .kmz 3d model (for other 3d apps) and obviously the .pdo.

    Happy Thunderboltings!!


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