Wally Wood Space Cruiser 2014-02-18

Wally Wood Space Cruiser

  1. jayo
    Here is the Wally Wood Space Cruiser

    Designed by Jayo

    Another Smartgroups download.

    This one is a bit hard to categorise - it's designed by Jason (Jayo) Sutton as a tribute to Wallace Wood and represents an amalgam of 1950s comic book spacecraft. To quote Jayo:

    "Wallace Wood (1927-1981) was one of the greatest comic book artists of all time, and probably the best sci-fi artist ever. A mainstay at Mad magazine for years, he also was a major contributor to the wonderful, lamented EC comics, especially the Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, Two-Fisted Tales, and Aces High titles. His style was bold, dark, and festooned with incredible detail, which he described as “clutter”. “If you can’t do it well,” Wood said, “do a lot of it.” He had an eye for line that was brilliant, and will be long remembered for his hundreds of shapely futuristic spacecraft and grotesque alien monsters that roamed the comic-book spaceways."


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