VF-1S Max Type Valkyrie DYRL 2014-02-28

VF-1S Max Type Valkyrie DYRL

  1. Janx
    Here is the VF-1S Max Type Valkyrie DYRL

    Designed by Shunichi Makino, Getter1 and Janx

    The VF-1S Max type Valkyrie DYRL, from Macross Do You Remember Love

    Building on the excellent work of Shunichi Makino's over at SF
    PaperCraftGallery, Getter1 started this little side project (little!) of
    adding parts to make the VF1 Valkyrie into a Battroid form. Well the
    project grew and grew.... With the original authors blessing Getter1
    has produced upgrade parts for all 3 forms and variants.. its about here
    that Janx got roped into this too producing more upgrade parts to allow
    the model to be converted into a Super or strike variant and adding
    weaponry from the Gu11 to the the large Ship busters.

    The files they are added here according to their Scheme and model. the Instructions for the Battroid models are included in the zip file. The basic Fighter and Gerwalk instructions are included on the relevant sheets. Additions and amendments are included in the Instructions pdf file.

    Please note that if you plan to build the model with any additional details some prep work is required on the basic model, look at the appropriate instructions for details.

    Any problems, inconsistencies or errors please notify Janx and he will try to correct them.