Terrier Missile System by Wolfgang Perez 1/40 2015-06-13

Naval Missile System

  1. zathros
    This is the First Automated missile mounted on U.S Navy ships. So it's has a place of history. This model was very hard to find.The Instructions have been found by Bobw63, Thanks Bob. I have combine everything into One .PDF. You open it and you will see the files on the left hand side.

    A special Thank You to Mr. Wolfgangperez

    Wikipedia "Blurb" : "The Convair RIM-2 Terrier was a two-stage medium-range naval surface-to-air missile (SAM), and was among the earliest surface-to-air missiles to equip United States Navy ships."

    terrier0.jpg terrier1.jpg Terrier Missile Sytem.jpg