Terran Hellion 2014-11-11

Terran Hellion from the game Starcraft II

  1. Dennispls
    This is Terran Hellion from the game Starcraft II.

    Designed by Dennispls.
    This model can be found at: http://www.game-papercraft.com/
    Please visit the site!!!

    This Starcraft 2 Papercraft model is derived from the exported model of the Starcraft 2 Terran Hellion. This model has been optimised for papercrafting purposes.
    Starcraft 2 is a very competitive real time strategy game developped by Blizzard Entertainment.
    Three races pit off against eachother for power, survival and evolution. The Zerg, The Terrans and the Protoss have alot of varying units under their control. One of these units is the Terran Hellion.
    The Hellion is a basic unit that is available to the player very early in the game. There are a few variants of this unit bearing different weapons. One of the weapons is a flame turret which shoots a trail of flames.
    This can be upgraded to a napalm based flame turret to maximize the damage inflicted. These units are also very fast and great for scouting out the surroundings. The Starcraft 2 Hellion units are very effective against ground infantry troops and for clearing bunkers. The armor of the Hellion however is very poor. This is due to low production costs and no nescesary tech knowledge. Strengthen your troops while fighting for survival by creating your own Starcraft 2 Papercraft Hellion!

    This Starcraft 2 Papercraft model has been mapped out on 12 sheets of paper. It is based on A4 sized paper.
    To view this papercraft model you need Pepakura’s Viewer. The file format is .PDO.


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