Tempest 2014-02-26


  1. Millenniumfalsehood
    Here is the Tempest

    Designed by Millenniumfalsehood


    Type: Heavy Fighter


    2 Tachyonic Cannons
    2 Pulse Cannons
    Rear Pulse Turret

    Crew: 2

    The Tempest is very much the old war-horse of the Alliance's heavy fighters currently in operation. it's two forward-facing Tachyonic cannons provide awesome firepower, supplimented by it's forward and rearward facing turrets. It has eight missile hardpoints for almost all missile loadout combinations, and has adequate armor and very good shields. It also has 'Spectral-shielding' capability, increasing it's protection from enemy lasers. Flown well by capable and experience pilot, this old war-horse is still an impressive ship in combat."

    -Tyler, aka "Millenniumfalsehood"


    1. Tempest 1.jpg
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