Straw Rocket Launcher 2014-03-08

Straw Rocket Launcher

  1. Retired_for_now
    Here is the Straw Rocket Launcher

    designed by Retired_for_now

    Plans for the $10 Rocket Launcher are in the activity book. Lessons are tailored for classroom use if desired (aligned to Florida science objectives). The straw rocket launcher is built from standard PVC pipe and hardware. It performs almost as well as the $200 commercial model and is robust enough for youngsters to handle, cheap enough to repair if necessary, and safe for indoor or outdoor use. It will launch a 1/4" drinking straw 50-60' and can launch small paper model rockets - up to about 1:200 scale. It will launch anything that can be attached to a straw, including small aircraft models. It provides consistent and controlled launches to allow you to refine the aerodynamics of flying models. Provided courtesy of the Air Force Association aerospace education programs.


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