Storm Troopers 2015-03-08

Storm Troopers

  1. Tirick
    Here are the Storm Troopers
    Designed by Tirick.

    The first models I designed in an attempt to make possible paper miniatures were a series called 'Paper Soldier'. I only made a few sets in it before I became dissatisfied with the design, and pursued a more detailed figurine that eventually became the Protagonist series. The set was my first paper model designed entirely in a 3D modeling program, Blender.

    It is limited to four released set, all Star Wars themed. Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Clone Troopers, and Clone Trooper Phase I. They are far easier to build than the Protagonist series, so might serve as an effective trial build set before tackling the more detailed model sets.

    This model (as well as other GREAT models) designed by Tirick, can be found on his website:


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