Space Balls-RV 2014-02-19

Space Balls-RV

  1. ButchPrice
    Here is the Space Balls-RV

    Designed by ButchPrice

    Ok folks, the first release of my project, SpaceBalls, the RV.
    I have had this in the cooker for some time, but had not released it until I had
    completed a couple beta builds.

    I have also added it to the forum's file area.

    Please, do not redistribute this model. I plan to release it to the
    other groups and forums I belong to,
    but would like the privilege of releasing it to the masses myself.
    This is my most detailed, and ambitious endeavor to date, and though
    not perfect,
    I am quite proud of this model. Hope you all enjoy.

    Best regards,
    "Treading the dark halls of reality with but a small flashlight ..."
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