Snowspeeder 2014-12-06


  1. Tirick
    Here is the Snowspeeder

    Designed by Tirick.

    This set is quite dear to me. It is the first paper model I ever distributed, designed almost a decade ago for a long defunct Star Wars paper modeling site. It was also the only paper model I released that I designed completely manually, calculating angles and curvatures by hand before committing to a Vectoring program. All models since have been designed in Blender and converted to paper models using Pepakura.

    It has aged well, I think. There are better models out there, I built/converted one to 1:50 scale not too long ago so that I could showcase the Alliance Pilot figurine. However, this is a relatively easy build, and stands as one of my favorite. It builds to approximately 1:48.

    This model (as well as other GREAT models) designed by Tirick, can be found on his website:


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