Sikorsky HH60 Jayhawk USCG 2014-04-23

Sikorsky HH60 Jayhawk USCG

  1. vasek68
    Here is the Sikorsky HH60 Jayhawk USCG

    Designed by vasek68

    Dear mates
    You have my permision for sharing and further distribution of both models which are my design. If you want to change scale or camo just go ahead, no problem.

    Just small info:
    HH53 is quite popular and simple to build model for beginers. There are dozens of this models seen on CZ paper models exhibitions.
    HH60 is another cup of tea, very complex shape, hard to build even for advanced modelers. In real world I have seen so far only ONE finished model.

    /s/ Vaclav Jancata