1. Millenniumfalsehood
    Here is the Shroud

    Designed by Millenniumfalsehood


    Type: Prototype Light Fighter


    2 Proton Cannons

    Crew: 2

    The Shroud is the latest technological prototype for the Navy. It is built to light-fighter specifications, with light armor but exceptionally capable shields, and is additionally equipped with 'Spectral-shielding' technology. It is extremely agile and incredibly fast, delivering huge amounts of accelleration. It is also built with reversable thrusters to stop the Shroud at a second's notice. It is equipped with two forward-facing Proton Cannons and four missile mounts. It's unique feature among Alliance fighters is the Shroud's cloaking technology, allowing the ship to disappear from radar and partially from sight, giving it a great advantage in combat. The 45th Flying Tigers were one of the first squadrons to be issued the Shroud."

    -Tyler, aka "Millenniumfalsehood"


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