Scale conversion tool 2014-11-16

An Excel table to easily convert scale of your model parts

  1. Tonino
    Perhaps this can be a stupid invention but I find it very useful when I have to convert many dimensions from one scale to another.
    It's a file in Excel (.xls) standard format so - I think - you can open it with any spreadsheet program.
    The file is zipped: you must extract it before you can open it.

    It has several uses:
    1) it converts a size from one scale to another (if you want to rescale a part)

    2) it calculates the percentage of shrinking if you want to print in a smaller scale or enlargement if you want to print in a bigger scale

    3) it calculates your customized part dimension if you know the dimension of the real object

    I hope it can help you saving your remaining brain cells... it worked for me! (...partially... :wacky:)
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Recent Reviews

  1. SmallRealities
    Version: 2014-11-16
    Very useful. Allows fast conversions to get scaled dimensions.