Phoenix 2014-02-26


  1. Gomidefilho
    Here is the Phoenix

    Designed by Gomidefilho


    Type: Prototype Medium Fighter


    2 Gatling Laser Cannons
    2 Pulse Cannons
    Rear Laser Turret

    Crew: 2

    The Phoenix is a ship of truly epic proportions. This 2-man fighter was being developed in the outbreak of the war, and pushes the boundaries of ship design, giving all-around flight, firepower, and defensive performance. The twin forward-mounted Gatling Lasers and Pulse Cannons and four missile hard-points offer an impressive offensive capability, only previously seen on heavy fighters. It is also equipped with Blind-Fire and reverse thrusters, as well as cloaking technology.


    1. phoenixaf_SlO.jpg