One Handed Sword (Small) 2014-11-11

One Handed Sword (Small) from the game Diablo III.

  1. Dennispls
    This is One Handed Sword (Small) from the game Diablo III.

    Designed by Dennispls.
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    This papercraft model is derived from the exported model of a 1 Handed Sword from Diablo 3.
    This is one of the weapons you can obtain from Diablo 3. The swords are used by multiple classes in the game. The swords come in many shapes and sizes.
    This particular model is based on the type of swords Barbarians use. Dual wielding weapons is one of their specialities. This sword also cooperates with the shields as it can be wielded in one hand.
    Currently there are two versions available.
    The model consists of 2 (13*) pages.

    File format is .PDO and can be opened using Pepakura Viewer. If you download the smaller version I recommend using 120 grams paper. The hilt of the sword is fragile if you use lighter paper.


    1. Sword.jpg