Minmatar Firetail 2014-02-18

Minmatar Firetail

  1. pupumonkey
    Here is the Minmatar Firetail

    Designed by pupumonkey

    This is the Minmatar Republic issue Firetail frigate from the game Eve online. The original model, and textures are property of CCP.

    This is a Pepakura file so you will need Pepakura to view and print it.

    There are no instructions and you may need to do a bit of jury rigging to make it all work, but it is a good starting point. Entire printout is around 36 pages. I have listed sections of parts as Port and Starboard to help keep track of the assembly

    Comes with a basic stand that should balance in the center of the ship when completed.

    Good luck!