ME P.1110 'Ente' 2014-04-21

ME P.1110 'Ente'

  1. eric_son
    Here is the ME P.1110 'Ente'

    Designed by eric_son

    My first design and first upload!

    The ME P.1110 'Ente' is one of the many Luft'46 designs that never made it beyond the drawing board.

    The 'Ente' (or Duck) was supposed to have been an experiment by Willy Messerschmitt on the forward (canard) wing design.

    The upload comes in three files:
    • ME P.1110 'Ente' v1.0.3.pdf : This is the main file containing the colored parts.
    • ME P.1110 'Ente' v1.0.3 (fold lines only).pdf : This is the same as the main file but without the textures and contains folding guidelines to help with assembly.
    • Mesh 22 pepakura v1.0.3.pdo : The pepakura file.

    I have yet to make a good set of instructions on how to assemble the model. For now, I am including the original Pepakura file. Using the free PDO file viewer, you can rotate the model and see what parts go to where. Sorry about that. I'll do my best to come up with instructions. For now, that would have to do.... for now.


    1. me p.1110 'ente' thumb_b2s.jpg