Leah 2014-11-11

Leah from the game "Diablo III".

  1. Dennispls
    This is Leah from the game Diablo III.

    Designed by Dennispls.
    This model can be found at: http://www.game-papercraft.com/
    Please visit the site!!!

    The actual size of this Diablo 3 Papercraft model lies close to 30CM. The model has been mapped out over 29 pages based on A4 sized paper.
    File format is .PDO and can be opened using Pepakura Viewer. I highly recommend at least 120 grams paper for this.
    Click the Download button below to download the papercraft model.

    *This model was not testbuilt. The head and hair are not connected and need to overlap each other. This might prove difficult. If you feel this is impossible let me know so I can change it.*


    1. Leah.jpg