Junkers Ju EF128 2014-04-21

Junkers Ju EF128

  1. eric_son
    Here is the Junkers Ju EF128

    Designed by eric_son

    Another Luft'46 plane -- the Junkers Ju EF128.

    Designed using Metaseq, and unfolded using Pepakura.

    The ZIPped archive contains the Pepakura file (PDO), and 4 bitmaps, just in case the Pepakura view does not work for you.

    Build instructions can be found in my site.

    • There are no landing gears...yet.
    • The engine exhaust may be a bit hard to assemble... I'll redesign that.
    • I strongly suggest you create joining strips. Use the pepakura glue tabs as a guide for making glue strips. This will ensure a better fit for the parts.
    • I'm not sure if I got the correct RLM BLUE color for the Defense of the Reich band. Please send me a PM if you know the correct color to use.


    1. Junkers Ju EF128.jpg