ISE Class Hybrid Battleship 2014-04-25

ISE Class Hybrid Battleship

  1. Kashiwazaki
    Here is the ISE Class Hybrid Battleship

    Designed by MegaMoonLiner

    The ISE/HYUGA Hybrid Battleships, as looking like, on their last configuration.
    Unfortunately, these vessels never played their role as hybrid battleships, and were mostly used as floating defensive AA batteries.
    Due to it's size ISE Class' flight deck was able to launch attack planes, but not recover them.
    They share the same fate, by being sunk in shallow waters, while playing their role of defending Kure.
    This papercraft comes in two ways, from which you can make four different scales for the Waterline (small, medium-small, medium and big) and Full Hull (medium and big, with small and medium-small being made available, if requested).
    As I think the Full Hull design looks awful, I prefer to make the small and medium-small scale possibility if under request - if you feel it's not looking that bad.