Flying Penny Ekranoplans 2014-04-18

Flying Penny Ekranoplans

  1. zathros
    Here is the Flying Penny Ekranoplans

    Designed by Zathros

    Free Flying Penny Ekranoplans Models
    Cut little notch in the front bottom to launch with a rubber band taped to the floor. On Lun, it flies best if you cut out a piece of paper and extend the wing 1/2" front and back. (Place light weight paper on top of original wing. The New Lun doesn't need anything. You will have to adjust the surfaces to maximize flight in ground effect. Place a slight wing Incidence on the Lun model. The New Lun is marked. Adjust, tweak, you'll know it's right when you no longer hear the model scuffing the floor and it goes further on less pull of the rubber band. Place the penny in the cockpit area between the body halves.