Firefox 2014-02-16


  1. Janx
    Here is the Firefox

    Designed by Janx

    This is the Jet from the movie of the same name. The Soviets have developed the MiG-31 - a fighter that flies at 6 times the speed of sound, is invulnerable to radar, and worst of all - has a lethally sophisticated weapons system that the pilot can control through thought impulses. As soon as the pilot detects a threat - either visually or on a scope - his thought impulses will direct a missile to that threat, without so much as pushing a button. Mass production of the MiG-31 will give the Russians a huge advantage. Vietnam veteran Mitchell Gant, a former USAF ace pilot, is smuggled into the USSR to infiltrate the Russian airbase at Bilyarsk, where the Firefox/MiG-31. Brought to the real world by JANX

    The File is in .zip form and is a .PDO, so you will need Pepekura viewer. This is a recently updated version by JANX