F4 Phantom Glider- South East Asia Cammo 2015-01-29

F4 Phantom Paper Cardstock Glider

  1. mbauer
    Been designing a simple set of easy to build glider models. The F4 Phantom has 6-paints completed so far.

    Fuselage is two layers of cardstock, sandwiched in the front are some cardstock balance laminations. They help balance the model for proper flight and also give it "bounce" off the wall strength/protection.

    On the underside of the nose, there is a small hook for using a rubber band catapult attached to a 1/4" or 3/8" wood dowel.

    It helps to bend the wing tips up for diehedral to help stabilize it for flight. The tail feathers can be adjusted to help guide it if it keeps climbing on diving when launched.

    No instructions, minimum parts to build, most beta builders found it quick and easy to make.

    Please ask questions if you run into any issues!

    Plan to offer these simple models for sale eventually. Hoping to get feedback on building/flying, so any and all comments welcome!



    1. 5-F4 Launcher.JPG