ESKA Ekranoplan 2014-05-07

Ground Effect Amphibious Aircraft (W.I.G.)

  1. zathros
    The ESKA Ekranoplan was flow for 10 years on the Volga River. A wonderful ground effect aircraft,it was a realization of the Lippisch design. I did not design this one (I am working on a far more detailed one). It came from the Soviet Era, and it's designer is unknown. The model itself concludes with a very nice representation of this aircraft. There is on flaw easily fixable, Make sure when you build it, and it sits on a flat surface, the outer pontoons are level with the hull, such that all three surfaces are touching that surface. When the real craft sat in the water, the rear edge of the wing was two inches underwater! ESKA.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Uyraell
    Version: 2014-05-07
    The rarity of the Ekranoplan Models and the longevity of the actual WIGE craft make this kit a "must-have" for any modeller, and Zathros' usual fine attention to design details make it a good build to achieve.
    Anyone who recalls Zathros' thread (here on Zealot) on Orlyonok will be aware of the skills he lavishes upon his design work.

    This ESKA kit is highly recommended.