Eight-Foot International Space Station 2014-03-08

Eight-Foot International Space Station-1:40 scale

  1. Retired_for_now
    Here is the Eight-Foot International Space Station-1:40 scale

    designed by Retired_for_now

    Parts and information to assemble a 1:40 scale display model of the International Space Station. It's an easy model but a large project. Parts are supported on a 1.25 inch (32mm) nominal size PVC pipe armature (actual pipe is 1 - 11/16 inches or 43mm diameter). Finished model is 6 feet high, five feet long, and just over 8 feet wide (1.8mX1.5mX2.4m). The model is mixed media using a paper graphic skin over the armature with some dowels and stiff wire used to suspend some parts.

    Model graphics are simplified - permission granted to improve them as you see fit. The model is designed to hang overhead in the entry of a planetarium with about a 10 foot (3m) viewing distance. iss_aft_7RU.jpg iss_front_30v.jpg iss_in_lobby_HSo.jpg