Deadliest catch Cornelia Marie 2014-03-19

Deadliest catch Cornelia Marie

  1. inky
    Here is the Deadliest catch Cornelia Marie

    Designed by inky

    This is my tribute to Capt. Phil. It is pretty easy to build but it has quit a few small parts. The antenna's and rails you will have to scratch build out of whatever you can think of. The rails I made a jig out of foam board and cut slots were the rails went and strung it up, covered the thread in super glue and after dry colored it with a permanent marker. The antenna's I just used heavy thread and stung them on the same jig, put a coating of super glue on them, let it dry then colored it with a liquid paper.

    Sorry if the design isn't perfect, I don't claim to be as good as some of the masters on here. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, or if you get frustrated with it PM me and chew me out. lol


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