Conwing L-16 Seaduck 2014-02-19

Conwing L-16 Seaduck

  1. Paragon
    Here is the Conwing L-16 Seaduck

    Designed by Paragon

    Updated with more realistic control surfaces, hatches, and rivet textures, to make it look more like a real aircraft, instead of just a cartoon.


    1. img_0165_18q.jpg
    2. img_0168_G45.jpg
    3. img_0169_t83.jpg
    4. img_0171_GUr.jpg
    5. img_0172_hlI.jpg
    6. img_0173_vDp.jpg
    7. img_0174_130.jpg
    8. img_0175_Vgm.jpg