Conwing L-16 light transport 2014-02-19

Conwing L-16 light transport

  1. Millenniumfalsehood
    Here is the Conwing L-16 light transport

    Designed by Millenniumfalsehood

    The Sea Duck is a Conwing L-16, the general-purpose aircraft produced by the Conwing Aircraft Corporation. These legendary planes were once seen in almost every port and airfield during their heyday, but now have been nearly erased from the skies by the next generation of aircraft. However, some loyal pilots have stuck with their planes through these rough times, and several Conwings still operate at the present. The Sea Duck is one of the few remaining of these — a legend among legends.

    Modifications Baloo made to the Seaduck include:

    Newer, more powerful Superflight 100 engines
    Numerous snack centers for long flights
    Converting the aft fuel tank to a secret cargo hold
    Flaps on the leading edges of the wings for sharp turns
    Overdrive motors to increase the plane's speed to near-supersonic flight
    Landing gear