Chilton dw.1/1 2014-04-25

Chilton dw.1/1

  1. lunarhighway
    Here is the Chilton dw.1/1

    Designed by lunarhighway

    chilton dw.1/1
    here's a little model of the classic ultralight chilton.The file contains two 1/72 scale models of the same plane, but in a different coloring; red with silver wings and metalic blue. all parts for both models fit on a single a4 sheet when printed.

    this is one of my older designs and the only one i finished up to "publishing" status untill now but ,time permitting, not the last.A little care will be needed, especially the wings need some attentiong to get the right shape.

    have fun with it and don't be shy to show some pictures if you build it

    happy modeling



    1. chiltondw11-1-72___1.jpg