BSG Mini Models 2014-02-01

BSG Mini Models

  1. Gearz
    Here are the support crafts from Battlestar Galactica (Both The Original Series and The New Series).

    Designed by Gearz.

    Mini-Models include:

    • The New Raider
    • The Old Raider
    • The Raptor
    • The New Shuttle
    • The Viper MK-I
    • The Viper MK-II
    • The Viper MK-VII


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Recent Reviews

  1. generaldiaz
    Version: 2014-02-01
    the models included in the pack were very detailed, especially for their size. they were easy to build and instructions were pretty easy to follow. the only thing that bumped it out of excellent was that the viper mk 1 has missing the cockpit and required kit bashing to complete. not an issue, just an observation and a simple solution.