Battletech: Catapult 2014-02-28

Battletech: Catapult

  1. Tirick
    Here is the 11000 Battletech: Catapult

    Designed by Tirick

    The model is in Pepakura .pdo format, which allows for much easier assebmly/fit instructions than traditional written form. The designed scale is 1:1000, although it is easy to modify to suit you desired size. Please note that the quality of the texture will degrade if the size is too large. Included in the .zip file is a sample texture file, which can be used to create your own mech paint schema. Please see the Pepakua site linked below for instructions on modifying the textures in Pepakura.

    This model (as well as other GREAT models) designed by Tirick, can be found on his website:


    1. Catapult.jpg
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