Atlantia Wall Plaque 2014-12-10

Atlantia Wall Plaque

  1. Revell-Fan
    Here is the Atlantia Wall Plaque.


    Designed by Revell-Fan.

    This is the name plate that was blasted of the Battlestar Atlantia during the attack from the Cylons.

    This model was inspired by the model stand for a Cylon Raider that was created by Klaus Schaeftner.

    The Atlantia Wall Plaque is also dedicated to Glen Larson (Father Creator). The man who gave us so much.
    Thank you Glen Larson. May you rest in peace.

    For everyone, ENJOY this model.
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  1. Sporak
    Version: 2014-12-10
    I think this is a fantastic project! I look forward to completing mine :) Thanks for creating this !