ANS Victorious 2014-02-26

ANS Victorious

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    Here is the ANS Victorious

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    "ANS Victorious

    The Victorious and her sister ship, the Washington, came into service simulaneously in the year 2152, just in time to see some action in the last salvoes of the Europa conflict. When the Coalition sprang their opening offensive of the war, the Victorious was in dock recieving upgrades to her armor and weapons systems. Fortunately for the Alliance, both ships were able to begin covering the retreat to Neptune immediately after the attack and have safely brought in numerous convoys to the regrouping point around Triton and Neptune. Both ships offer rapid deployment and substantial firepower capable of taking on all but the latest generation of Coalition carriers. The Victorious also accommodates a very capable onboard fighter squadron, the 604th Buccaneers."



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