1907 Steam Railcar GR.60 of Prudenziati - adapted/improved & instructions 3.0

Remodeled 1907 Steam Railcar GR.60 by BOB43

  1. Bob43
    Unfortunately, his web site no longer exists, and it was with great difficulty that I pieced together the instructions for this lovely GR.60 model, mainly on the basis of 2 photographs (the two lowest, at the bottom of the page). I have made a number of adaptations to Fabrizio's model which I think relevant, the main one being to parts 1 to 4, with a strengthened and box-form base for the locomotive. Postal livery has been adapted (Italian post, note the coat-of-arms of The House of Savoy), a letterbox added , and the loco is now No. 616, built by Borsig in Berlin around about 1907.

    The last sheet of the model shows unnumbered parts of the model, to which I found no location. What are these parts? Also, the connecting drive rods may be falsely connected – inform me, any help will be gratefully received.

    I used a scale of 1:72 to match the scale of most of the models I designed. If you wish the more standard 1:87 scale, use Photoshop and after converting the .PDF to a .BMP file, diminish the scale with a multiplication factor of 0.8276 .



    Enjoy this lovely model
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