1:1000 Hex Train Set 2014-12-12

1:1000 Hex Train Set (PDF format)

  1. Tirick
    Here are the 1:1000 Hex Train Set (in PDF format)

    Designed by Tirick,

    This is a set of interlocking Hex-layout train tracks and elements meant to replicate 1:1000 scale Passenger Trains, imagining hexes at 30 meters and elevation changes at every 10 meters. Included in the set are curve tracks, Y-tracks, X cross tracks, two bridges and risers. A tunnel flat section is included to allow you to model a track going under a 10-meter rise.

    This model (as well as other GREAT models) designed by Tirick, can be found on his website: http://tcfgaming.com/


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