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    1. LowRiderGhost
      Artworks2: Oh gosh, why not?! I'm interested just by you're mention of it!! :mrgreen: But the reality is it takes some extremely talented and patient people (I'd at least say) just to work with wood period!! After all these years, me and wood just don't get along!! :eek: Not for lack of trying, just lack of success!! :mrgreen: These days I seriously need to work with things I can't possibly bust... hmmm, I'm thinking maybe Cast Iron?! Don't place no bets though - if there's a way to bust something I'll find it!! :thumb:

      LRG :cool:

      Dang? FLASHBACK: Does anyone remember those (?) Buddy-L or Hubby (or maybe called something else?) Metal Car Kits from the late 60's / early 70's? I'm guessing the scale was about 1/16th or so - the kits consisted of Car Models from the 1920's - most of the parts were roughly cast metal (pewter or?) with lot's of flash and such to clean / file off - other parts were die-cast plastic plus real rubber tires, etc.. These were neat - I think they had turntable front wheels and the steering wheels turned with the wheels kind of deal? In any case the were reasonably (short of stepping on em'!) rugged enough to mess with (AS kids WILL do!!) after you were done with assembly. Man, am I making this schitt up or what?!! :rolleyes:
    2. Artworks2
      Hi Lowrider,
      Thanks! So do you think there will be any intrest in model cariving?
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